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Defining Cyberspace still remains an issue open to discussion for multidisciplinary scholars. This phenomenon is conceived not only as a technical innovation, a new common or a new reality, but also as a transversal phenomenon that changes how we perceive modern life and Social Sciences.

Nowadays it is broadly accepted a layered model of Cyberspace based on four main levels:
1. Physical: physical foundations and infrastructures that enable the cyber playing field,
2. Logical: the logical building blocks that support the physical platform and enable services;
3. Informational: the information content stored, transmitted or transformed,
4. Social: entities and users with various interest who participate in this arena in various roles.


Directed by Prof. Marco Mayer, the Experimental Online Laboratory of the PhD in Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability, Sant'Anna Superior School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, elaborates a draft on how to define Cyberspace and it is available online here. Comments and suggestions are warmly welcome.



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